My day in my back garden

Today I was playing in the back garden with my dad and I saw a snail it was Hungary so we gave it some lettuce and a pient of beer. Then I played on my trampoline  while my mam and dad cleaned out my swimming pool then my mam got the hose out to fill up my swimming and instead of that she sprayed me with it when I wasn’t expecting it to    happen so I got it write in my mouth. Then my swimming pool was filled up a little bit but the sun was going in so I had to come inside  and my dad had to go home. After that I had a shower and had my tea then I went and played out on my trampoline but then my ball went next door to get it back but they weren’t in so I had to go back home to go and wipe my muddy feet. Then I read my school reading book and then I am doing my blog  and after I finish I will have my supper and watch programmes on my phone after that I will brush my teeth and finally go to sleep.

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My Holiday

When I went on holiday I…

*I swam with dolphins

*I went to paradise island

*I went on a speed boat

*I had japanise

*I had mexicaan

Then after all that I went in the swimming pool and I and I bought 6 teddies only In 2 weeks so know my dog always comes up on my bed and steals them and makes them all soaking wet and she made a hole in one of them so i just gave it to her or she would’t leave me alone then then i was on the plane i bought her a dog toy and she never ever plays with it because she hogs mine

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What to do when your boured

  • dance
  • sing
  • go on your bike
  • play games
  • play out
  • play with your pet
  • dress up
  • do gym
  • do your home work
  • draw
  • go on your tablet or phone
  • tidy your bedroom
  • take a bath.
  • take your dog for a walk.
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My party

Yesterday I went to jump 360 with some of my friends .And we had fun then we went in the car and had a sock fight before we went into mc ‘Donald’s .Then two of my friend’s got picked up .And two got dropped off and on the way back we had a sock fight.


By Bethany





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An acrostic poem

Pokemon Go is fun


Outside having fun


Krabby is a crab

Evees are cute

Magmar is a fire type


Omanyte is a water type


Nidorina is a poison type


by Oliver


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Catching a lapras

On Father’s Day, I went to Thirsk,I caught a lapras while playing Pokemon Go,I was very pleased because I have been waiting to catch one for nearly a year! We also had a lovely picnic together.


by Oliver


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My day

Yesterday I went to the park and I had a picnic. Then I went to the play park I went on the massive slide.after that I went home and played. By Bethany

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back to school

I love school because I relly love mrs  William because she is lovey and my friends my good friend is lily and lilly and Jessica and my friends and my outuer friends

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the mystery of Sonny story

One night there was a man called Sonny a woman called Lilly and 2 people called Dylan and Serren. There were also 2 other people called Jack and Reuben. Reuben was a big bully like Lilly and Yoosha. Dylan asked me if we wanted to buy some bubble gum I said ok. so we went to the shop me, Dylan, Jack, Sonny.  Yoosha and Lilly and Reuben were following us they had eggs!!! they tried to through them at us!! Jamie came along he said wow wow dude stop!! they through them at Jamie!!! we went to school the next morning. For some reason Will was kicking the wall? Toby was with us too. Toby went over to Will and said do you want to play with us? he said well…ok Will stopped kicking the wall. So then will came with us at night we went in the suer the warter was up to William’s stomach yoosha said oh man and then Dylan said be quiet.But then we came to a secret door so then we went in there and it was a haunted abandoned hotel but then the doors slammed behind us.And the doors made the wall crack up so it started to fall . We went out the window and quickly escaped but sonny didn’t make it so it fell on him. Only his arm was out of the window so we called the fire prigade to move the bricks. Sonny was ok he had a bandage on his head in hospital and he had a couple of stiches across his arm. At the haunted house there was a statue of a captain of a ship that was what caused the building collapsing was  beacause Jamie touched the statue so the building collapsed on Sonny. when sonny came out the hospital the was a door the something light so we went into it sonny started to get dizzy and wobbly so we quickly found a bed for sonny to lay on. He was talking weird and he was going to shut his eyes. But then lots of smoke came from the bed so we lifted sonny off the bed and he was fine so I brought him in my Lamborghini and he woke up and then we went to the Chelsea match and sonny loved it the end


by serren


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Mrs willams

Mrs willams is the best teacher😜 She lets us do fun stuff.  She is funny cool she is the best ever she is fantastic ! 

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